Mohonk Preserve Naked Trail and Naked Sunbathing At Split Rock

While we still have some beautiful fall days left, I needed to share a clothes-optional spot to go where you can also get your outside / autumn leaf mend! It is found in the Mohonk Preserve in town of New Paltz in upstate New York. It is about an hour and half drive from NYC.
We went there on a sunny day in August. There are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails all over this mountainous rural area, never to mention rock climbing and various other outdoor activities it is possible to do there.
The area we went to is a clothing-optional section on the Coxing Trail. The closest parking lot is at the Coxing Trail Head.This lot fills up quickly. This was a longer ways away (approx 30 minutes), but a fine hike anyway! It's a relatively easy hike, but sneakers are recommended. The trail runs along a stream called Coxing Kill, and first you pass through the clothes-mandatory part, along with a popular area called Split Rock.
Mohonk Preserve - Split Rock Unclothed Section
And you are able to remove all clothes and be as freely naked as the wildlife![There is so sadly no established name for this particular place. Many refer to it as Split Rock, though that is the name of the textile section. More on this later.] A little farther down we found the place where people (mainly guys on this day) hang out on the level stone relaxing outside in chairs or on towels. It's at the center of the woods so there is a blend of shade and sunlight. The stream of water moves steadily around the rock, creating pools and small waterfalls. So pretty and relaxing!
The area is thick with trees and lots of natural vegetation for the perceptions to feast on. Take a look at these orange mushrooms I spotted and a butterfly in motion!

FKK Has Asserted The Naked Section Of Split Rock
Shortly after our visit, I wrote to the Mohonk Preserve to inquire why there isn't any info on their site relating to this clothing-optional area. Their response:
"Within an attempt to accommodate a varied population of visitors, the clothes-optional area on the Coxing Kill stream is a longstanding tradition at the Mohonk Preserve. Only a rather small fraction of our visitors make the most of this place.
Over the years we now have had to manage a certain number of struggle between a large proportion of our visitors and the group utilizing the clothing-optional area. Many of our members and visitors usually do not believe that this is a suitable use of our landscape since it's the prospect of bringing families with children into contact with folks in the clothes-optional area.
Families have expressed to us their distress with this exposure (pun intended) and believe that of the Preserve becomes, de facto, off-limits to them. Because we attempt to balance opportunities for all to love our lands, we do not publicize the clothing-optional area on the Coxing Stream."
Naked Butterfly Sun Bathing At Split Rock
Sounds like they ran into a bit of controversy and some furious parents. The standard "What about the children!" crap. Thanks, MP, for deciding a designated clothing-optional area is appropriate.
Now to train folks how uncomplicated nudity actually doesn't damage kids. You'd believe that with an area set aside, both groups would have the ability to peacefully coexist. The Preserve is enormous enough! don't believe these families realize how very few places there are to officially skinny dip outside in NY state.
Naked Mushrooms Chilling Naked At The Mohonk Preserve
Anyway, we haven't been back since August, but I Will bet it's gorgeous there this time of year! Anyone up for a clothes-optional hike this fall?
Mohonk Preserve Coxing Trail Split Rock Bare Section

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